Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wedding Season Trends In Winter Garden Vintage Sky Salon

With the Royal Wedding being all the buzz, brides to be are scouring magazines and websites to find the chicest looks to wear. Spring is a wonderful time to try new looks for hair and makeup whether you are a bride to be or just a dreamy romantic girl who knows love is always in the air. I have mentioned before that I love simple elegance. Clean makeup such as peaches or pinks with a hint of shimmer and gloss gives your skin dewy finish. Blondes brighten up your hilites before the big day and brunettes make sure you gloss your hair for maximum shine. The biggest trend I have noticed among my brides is a natural look. Something to look back on for years to come a classic if you will simple sexy hair and makeup never fails.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's all about the Hair Color

Thinking of changing your color but not quite sure which way to go? Use the rule of 2 shades up 2 shades down. Have a detailed consultation with your stylist and pick shades that are flattering to your skin tone. If you want to go for multi tones then add low lights and highlights. Balyiage is another great technique to adding dimension to your hair if you are looking for something something with less commitment. The options for color right now are so amazing there is no reason why you should not be making a statement with your hair color. remember if you are getting married anytime soon do not go for a drastic change too close to your big day.