Friday, October 29, 2010

Alessandra Ambrosio Straight Hairstyle

Get a load of this uber sleek and straight causal hairstyle worn by the fabulous victoria's secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio. A cute color combination which combines a mixture of sandy blonde highlights and naturally dark roots.

A lovely down to earth hairstyle which is nothing short of sensational!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's That Time Of Year Again

It's that time of year again ready to get out and put your best face forward. Holiday season is fast approaching us and I know I want to look my absolute best If you are thinking that you are all thumbs and can't do your own hair and make-up think again.
First pick a few inspiring photos from a favorite fashion house magazine. I like Elle, Glamour and Marie Claire. Then gather up the essentials like Velcro rollers, a big round brush, some hair spray and smoothing serum. I prefer Paul Mitchell's Skinny because it works best for thick hair. Practice makes perfect. Take large sections and spray with light hold spray then wrap around the rollers and secure with a bobby pin if necessary.
While the hair is setting try experimenting with some make-up that you might not normally use. Purple is definitely in the spotlight this season and you'll find it goes with everything. I like Urban Decay for fun flirty colors. Don't worry if you think it's too bold. Night time lighting needs colors that pop too be noticed.Finish the look with some false lashes. Loosen the rollers shake out your hair, apply some serum to fly aways and you will be ready for the party.
Don't forget the finishing touches like polished nails. my favorite color this season is Chinchilly by Essie. It's amazing Happy Holiday's everyone.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crop Hairstyle 2010

Crop hairstyle is also a lot of interest in its elegant shape makes everyone want to cut their hair like this example are you interested?

Alessandra Ambrosio Braided Ponytail

Alessandra Ambrosio recently stepped out with this fabulously casual loose fitting hairstyle, which consists of cute side bangs and a lovely partially braided ponytail. Love the smattering of blonde highlights as well.

Its also worth noting, Alessandra Ambrosio looks exceptional with minimal makeup, like we see in this striking photo.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Adriana Lima Wearing Hair Curlers

Nothing better than a little behind the scenes look, into what it takes to glamorize your favorite super models, right.

Just checkout the adorable Adriana Lima, as she rocks a set of extra large hair curlers, before hitting the runway. And i thought she woke up with those stunning hairstyles...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Adriana Lima Long Sexy Ponytail

Here we see Brazilian bombshell model, Adriana Lima, looking extra feisty while donning a sexy slicked back hairstyle with long straight ponytail.

And we see you flashing that wink at us, Adriana! Right back at you girlfriend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Adriana Lima Curly Hairstyle

Once again we see supermodel, Adriana Lima, looking extraordinary while donning a sensationally long curly hairstyle and cute black dress.

Adriana Lima dazzles with her sleek straight hairstyles, but she is certainly a sight for sore eyes with curls as well.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Natalie Imbruglia Celebrity Hairstyles

Natalie Imbruglia has become one of the biggest pop sensations in Europe. Born in Sydney, Australia on February 4, 1975, Imbruglia was one of four sisters and grew up in a tiny beach town. After becoming a teen actress and landing a spot on the Australian soap opera Neighbours, Imbruglia decided that she would rather be a singer, and moved to London in 1996 to try her luck. It was a wise move, as she was soon signed to the RCA U.K. label. Deciding to release a single before her full-length debut, the track "Torn" was issued in 1997, and no one could have predicted its wild success.
Celebrity hairstyles Natalie Imbruglia,,5979178,00.jpg
Celebrity hairstyles Natalie Imbruglia
Celebrity hairstyles Natalie Imbruglia
Celebrity hairstyles Natalie Imbruglia

Amanda Bynes Celebrity Hairstyles For Long Hair

Amanda Bynes Celebrity Hairstyles For Long Hair

Celebrity hairstyles Amanda Bynes
Celebrity hairstyles Amanda Bynes
Celebrity hairstyles Amanda Bynes

Zac Efron Celebrity Hairstyles For Oval Faced Men

Male celebrity Zac Efron's hair style
Zac Efron
Zac Efron haircuts
Mens hairstyle for oval or longer face shapes
hairstyle for oval or longer face shapes
Mens hairstyle for oval or longer face shapes
zac efron hairstyles
Mens hairstyle for oval or longer face shapes

2009 Cool Mens Hairstyles Trends

cool men haircuts
hairstyle men
Cool hairstyle for men

Finding the right hairstyle for who you are does take a little effort though,men do not like the women, wanner waste to much time on hairstyle,so short hair is fashion in men, and the results will be worth it in the end.

2009 Trendy Haircuts Fashion Hairstyles For Men

Men all around the world are always looking for something stylish in a haircut, even if they don’t want a lot of hair, or if they don’t have much hair to work with anyways. Finding your perfect very short haircut is not always easy, but there are several great styles that you have to choose from that can be very attractive no matter your age.

2009 Latest short hairstyles for men
mens hairstyle
2008 mens layered hairstyles
mens hairstyle
2008 hot celebrity mens hairstyles
mens hairstyle
2008 short boys hairstyles
mens hairstyle
ultra sexy shag haircuts for boys
mens hairstyle

Monday, October 18, 2010

Adriana Lima Blonde Hair Blue Eyes

Checkout this interesting before and after photo of Adriana Lima, showcasing what the sizzling Brazilian model would look like with blonde hair and blue eyes, with a little help from photoshop.

What do you think about this new version of Adriana Lima? I personally think she looks much better with her natural brunette locks.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kim Kardashian Hairstyles

When it comes to sensationally stylish hairstyles, Kim Kardashian is an absolute trend setter, who has donned more fabulous hairstyles than just about any other starlet in show business. Checkout this style rundown below.

Sweet, innocent and approachable is what this little number is screaming, the long curls and dashing bangs are reminiscent of a lovely southern bell, ready for the big prom.

This is a cute little number that Kim likes to sport from time to time, its a small braided crown accompanied by long causal flowing hair, without too much extra styling.

Here we see a very sleek and sexy ponytail style, nicely slicked back and pulled over her left shoulder, like shes ready to hit the gym or perhaps enter the octagon for some one on one action. Perfect for physical activity.

Ah yes, a stroll down memory lane as we see Ms. Kardashian shocking the world and her fans with a full on blonde hairstyle, with a pleasant combination of both light and dark tones. We loved it, however Kim truly looks best with her natural black locks.

We see this hairstyle quite frequently from the stunning starlet and its really working wonders for her, with a very sharp and edgy looking style, plus that dazzling brush of bangs really fits Kim K. like a glove. Work it girlfriend!

Speaking of dazzling, checkout this magnificent updo hairstyle with a beautiful 'not too big' bun on top, which is perfect for the prom season, or perhaps award show materiel as well.

And last but certainly not least, we see Kim Kardashian channeling Snooki from the Jersey Shore, with this sky high poof hairstyle with a long double wide ponytail and cute blonde highlights. Looks like Kim beat Snooker at her own game... Ouch!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kelly Brook Hairstyles

Here we have the sensationally curvaceous British model and actress, Kelly Brook, donning a dazzling array of top notch hairstyles while looking ever so elegant for the eye of the camera. Enjoy the style breakdown below.

This stunning formal hairstyle with great stylized waves and frosted tips is sure to turn heads at any special event or ceremony, perfect for proms and school dances or perhaps a red carpet event like we see here with Ms. Brooks.

This long brunette hairstyle with soft flowing curls is much more casual than the previous, however its just a stunning, not to mention easier to achieve. Simplicity is bliss!

Here we see Kelly Brook rocking a sexy/classy updo hairstyle, which is tightly pulled into a masterpiece of a bun which rests nicely on the middle back of her head. Lots of work, however it payed off nicely!

We absolutely adorable this fun loving long casual hairstyle with plenty of blonde highlights, plus a nice little hair clip which acts as a small crown. A style like this is absolutely perfect for hanging out at the beach or any other fun in the sun activity.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Keira Knightley Hairstyles

Ah yes, the breathtakingly beautiful English actress, Keira Knightley, known for donning a dazzling array of stunning hairstyles of both the long and short variety. Enjoy the collection listed below!

Here we see a lovely long flowing dark brown hairstyle with hints of lighter golden brown on the tips. A casually formal style with excellent side swept bangs.

This partial updo with long bangs and a touch of loose and stringy, looks quite dazzling on the beautiful starlet, however its not our favorite hairdo in her arsenal.

This is a really cute ponytail based hairstyle with very minimal bangs and a darling combination of light sandy brown with a touch of blonde highlights. Very snazzy red carpet idea.

And here we see Ms. Knightley donning a a very edgy hairstyle with sharp bangs and ultra sleek dark auburn hair color. This would be a great look if she was cast as a ninja assassin. :-)

And finally we see that sensationally short pixie hairstyle that fits Keira perfectly, a design which has a delightful scattered look with amazing bangs, and the color mixture is superb!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Katy Perry Hairstyles

Katy Perry appears to have fashion by the tail at this point, and along with it she seems to almost always be donning a sensationally dazzling hairstyle, sometimes cute and formal and other times sassy and retro. Regardless of the style, everything seems to fit her like a glove, perhaps due to her extremely photogenic facial structure.

This cute little medium length hairstyle is uber sexy on Ms. Perry, with beautiful curls on the end, this kinda reminds of an old school trend from the late 1950s. And boy does she know how to wear it!

Now this is an interesting choice of hairstyle, which reminds us of a punk rocker meets country music star, meets retro burlesque dancer... Katy is probably the only woman in show business who could wear this style and not look absolutely ridiculous.

Ah yes, one of our personal favorite hairstyles of Ms. Perry, the short sleek and very edgy bob hairdo with long bangs. She is nothing short of stunning with this little firecracker hairdo.

We also love it when Katy lets her hair down and revels that gorgeous long flowing thick black hair, and once again we see her donning those darling bangs that we love so much.

This style is very similar to the look above, however her hair is a bit more scattered and her bangs are nicely side swept to the right, which is also a good look for the stunning singer.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Katie Price Hairstyles

Katie Price is a stunning English glamour model and television personality, perhaps best known for her enhanced beauty with the help of plastic surgery.

Here we see a small set of beautiful hairstyles worn by the beautiful dazzling star.

Here we see shades of actress Courtney Cox's as Ms. Price dons a lovely long and nicely layered black hairdo with a couple of cute curls.

Once again the hair color is black, however the style is much different, this time sporting a delightful updo with a sassy ponytail combination.

From time to time we'll see the sensational star go blonde, and watch out, because her sass appeal skyrockets with the fantastic style. Perfectly runway ready with this sizzling long flowing hairstyle with gorgeous highlights.