Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Secrets to finding your wedding hair style

Find your wedding hair style

A great secret to finding your wedding hair style is to pay attention to celebrity red carpet hair style events.

Most celebrities will have their hair professionaly done for these occasions and the hair styles are usually some sort of updo.

Once you see a hair style that you like, try to picture it with your wedding dress. Does it match the style and theme of your dress?

Coordinating your dress with your hair and the formality of your wedding is very important. If you have the wrong hair style, it can ruin everything.

For best results, schedule a trial run at the salon several weeks before your wedding. Then go home, with your wedding hair style, and try on your dress. Wear the style all day long to see if it will stand up to all the activity, i.e. dancing and moving around.
This is the best way to get the perfect hair style and look totally awesome for your big day. See Wedding Hair Styles