Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Long Wedding Hair Styles

Want a Long, Wedding Hair Style?

Have you been searching all over for wedding hair styles and just love the look of the long hair style? Maybe you have short or medium length hair and you feel that long hair is out of the question.

Well, think again. Now you can have instant long, beautiful hair that looks completely natural in just a few hours time. It is done with what is called hair extensions that are attached in one of many different ways to your natural hair. There are different types of human and synethic hair that can be used.

The extensions can stay in your hair from several weeks to several months, depending on what method was used, the quality of the hair used and how well you maintain the extensions.

If you really like the look of the long hair style, why not check into hair extensions? Hair Resources has published a 155-page Consumer Report on all the different hair extension methods. Details included in the book include the average cost of various types of extensions, where the hair comes from (no it is not from dead people!), how the extensions are attached and removed, how long the hair extensions can last, what questions you need to be asking during the hair extension consultation and much more.

Improperly attached or removed hair extensions can cause serious damage to your natural hair, even cause permanent hair loss. If you do your research by understanding exactly how the extensions will be attached, make sure your stylist is properly trained and/or certified, then you may be able to avoid damaged hair.

Hair Extensions Exposed is a digital download Ebook, which means you read it right on your computer. You can start researching hair extensions just a few minutes from now. The book comes with a BONUS before/after hair extension gallery, hair extension comparison chart and a hair extension suitability test.