Monday, October 30, 2006

Simple wedding hair styles

Simple wedding hair styles

You don't have to have elaborate, fancy hair styles for your wedding to look fantastic! Look at this ordinary looking hair styles, left, that you can wear for a completely sophisticated look.

The simple partial updo, see left photo, is a basic partial updo that you can even create on your own. Simply back comb sections of hair in the crown area and pull back the crown area hair above the ears into a low ponytail.

This hair style has a little height on top, allowing for the placement of a jeweled tiara or headpiece.

Add small earrings and/or necklace to accessorize and compliment the hair style.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Medium length wedding hair styles

Medium Length Wedding Hair Styles

Who says you can't wear a medium length wedding hair style. Pictured here is a fabulous curly medium length hair style. All layers are curled, with side-swept bangs.

Very glamourous look can be enhanced with a jeweled tiara or fancy headpiece and long sparkly earrings.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Create your wedding hair style with hairpieces

Wedding Hair Styles

One of the greatest inventions in the hair industry, besides hair extensions, is the hairpiece. There are so many different types and styles of hairpieces and they all have the potential to create a fantastic looking hair style or updo.

Photos shown here are just a few examples of how a hairpiece can add a sense of sophistication to your wedding hair style.

To create these magnificent hair styles on your own, simply pull all hair back and twist into a mid-height chignon. Then, take the hairpiece and pin it into place over the chignon.

Finish off the style with some finishing spray to keep the hair in place.

Monday, July 31, 2006

New Wedding Hair Styles

New Wedding Hair Styles

Wearing your hair in an updo hair style is a very traditional look for weddings. There are so many different ways to style an updo. You can have a simple updo or an elaborate one. You should always try to match your hair style to your dress. For example, if you have a very fancy dress with a lot of detail, you will probably be better off going with a less elaborate hair style.

When you have an elaborate dress and hair style, it may be too much. The hair style shown to the left has a certain sophistication since it is higher in the crown area.

To create this style on your own, take sections of hair in the crown area and back comb them for height. Then pull back the hair from ear to ear into a high ponytail, while smoothing over the top of the hair with your hands.

This is a great formal hair style for weddings or other events. Finish the style with long shiny or jeweled earrings.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Medium length wedding hair styles

Wedding styles for medium length hair

Most wedding hair styles feature updos, partial updos or long and curly looks. More often than not you will not find many medium or short examples of hair styles for weddings.

To your left, you will find an example of a fantastic looking medium hair style. The style is an all over sort of wavy look. To create this style, you will need to apply a curl-enhancing cream throughout the hair. Blow dry the hair using a diffuser attachment and your fingers to shape the hair. For extra scrunching affect, gather the ends of the hair and scrunch them up in your palms, while blasting them with the hair dryer.

To create a more piecey look, apply some pomade throughout the hair. Finish off the style with a strong hair spray to keep the hair in place. This style will look great for a wedding, or even a formal occasion. It is so simple to create and it is not a style that you will need to be worrying too much about for the rest of the day.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

New Wedding Hair Styles

New Wedding Hair Styles

The summer wedding season is here. Many brides are now scrambling to complete their total wedding look. Typically, the wedding hair style is the last detail to decide on---although it shouldn't be. Pre-planning your wedding hair style will do wonders for making your wedding day go much smoother.

Avoid those wedding morning panick attacks and decide on your hair style several months in advance. An even greater idea is to schedule a trial run with your hair stylist. This way, you can see how the wedding hair style you want will look with your wedding dress, and also very important --how the style will hold up during the day.

If you get a trial run for your wedding hair style, and find out after several hours that the style is falling down, or is driving you crazy, itches your scalp, etc., then you can either prepare yourself for those events on your wedding day, or make adjustments to the style so that those events don't happen.

See some examples of sophisticated wedding hair styles above. The top photo shows a partial updo. Height is created in the crown area and hair in the crown area is pulled back into a high ponytail. Add decorative or jeweled pins for a more sophisticated look. Photo to the right shows a wedding hair style that is long and wavy. Create these waves using velcro rollers or hot rollers. Lots of hair spray may be needed to get this hair style to stay in place during the whole wedding day.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

7 common mistakes when planning your wedding day hair style

Wedding Hair Styles - 7 Common Mistakes most Brides make

By Perriann Rodriguez

Planning your wedding hair style is crucial to achieve a beautiful wedding day look. There is a little work involved and you should never leave this important facet of your wedding to the last minute, or to amateurs. Below are 7 common mistakes that many brides make with their wedding day hair styles.

1. You don't schedule a trial run with a professional stylist, or even try to do you hair on your own advance. Even if you are doing your own hair, you will need to do a trial run to make sure you can do your hair exactly the way that you want.

2. You show up to your stylist on the day of your wedding wearing a T-shirt and sweatpants. Nothing wrong with the sweatpants, but the T-shirt represents disaster waiting to happen. When you pull the T-shirt over your head to take it off, your bridal hair style will get all messed up. Be sure to wear a button-down shirt when you get your hair done on your wedding day.

3. You remove your veil for the reception and make a mess of your hair style. Let your hair stylist take care of removing your veil. If he or she will not be at your wedding, have her/him instruct a member of the bridal party how to remove the veil without destroying your hair.

4. You use conditioner in your hair on the day of your wedding. This is a big NO-NO according to many professional stylists. Conditioner in your hair can make it too flyaway to work with, in turn causing your style to fall out.

5. You let your hair grow out 6-months to 1-year before your wedding and you plan to wear it in an updo. Most updos require hair that is 3-4 inches past the shoulders. When your hair is too long, it will be difficult to work with and the style may not hold as well.

6. You decide 1 week before your wedding to get a perm, change your hair color, add highlights or anything else that is dramatic. These decisions so close to your wedding day are usually based on stress. Don't make drastic changes right before your wedding. You may be very sorry!

7. You are annoyed by hair pins and hairspray. If you do not let your hair stylist use enough hair pins and hairspray to create your wedding updo, the style may fall out half way thru the ceremony. Let the stylist do his or her work and use all the pins and hairspray needed.
In short, wedding hair styles require pre-planning. You will be looking at photos for many years of your wedding day, so make the hair style work so you can enjoy your big day.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Planning your wedding hair style

Your wedding is a special day and involves a lot of planning. The hair style that you select can make or break your wedding day look. Careful planning and trial runs can help ensure that you have a great day. Article below features some great planning advice that you can follow when selecting your hair style.

Wedding Hairstyles

By Lorna Mclaren

How you wear your hair at your wedding is important. Above all else you Wedding Hairstyle has to be comfortable. It should compliment not only your face but your dress as well.

It does no harm to have your regular hairdresser practice on you a few times. By doing this you may decide that the particular Wedding Hairstyle you have dreamed about having since you were a small child actually does nothing for the shape of your face!

If you want a wedding updo and you have relatively short hair then although with many grips and much hairspray it is possible, do remember that your hairdresser can do the impossible but miracles are outwith their reach!

Try to get a rough idea of what sort of style you are looking at for your wedding hairstyle as far in advance as possible. This gives your hair a chance to grow to a length that is more manageable for your hairdresser. After all long hair can easily be cut but it is harder and more expensive to add to your hair.

Always remember it is you that is getting married and not some fairytale image of you that you have held in your imagination since you were six! You dont want to walk down the aisle to your beloved and have him not recognize you because you wedding hairstyle is so different!

Try not to go for something very different. Chances are you will get fed up with it. If an updo requires a lot of help to stay up then as a wedding hairstyle it probably isn't right. Your wedding hairstyle has to stay in place for up to 10 hours, a lot to ask of any hairstyle but particularly difficult when a veil is shoved in, you are being swung around the dance floor and everyone wants to hug you!!

I would suggest go for elegance and comfort. Something that suits you and brings out your best features. If you can mange a wedding hairstyle that looks just as good down as up then you grab it with both hands, a comb and some grips!!

Lorna McLaren has an information and resources website at where you can gather everything for your Wedding Day!
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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

More Long Wedding Hair Styles

Long Wedding Hair Styles

The IN style this season is simply wearing your hair long. There are many options to long hair. You can flat iron in, so that it is stick straight, and then add decorative flowers, barrettes and headpieces for accents.

You can also curl your hair, go really messy and perhaps pull some of it up in a partial updo. See photos for examples and get some great ideas for your wedding hair.

The partial updo is a great option if you want to have a more formal touch. To create extra height for the partial updo, take sections of hair in the crown area and back-comb them. Then smooth the hair on top with your fingers as you pull a portion of the hair back into a low to mid-height pony tail. Add decorative flowers and perhaps jeweled barrettes to finish the style.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Wedding Hair

Long Wedding Hair Styles are In Style

Finding the right wedding hair style can be quite difficult. The Editors at HR Wedding Hair have done extensive research on what is in style this spring and summer (2006) for wedding hair styles.

Traditional updos will always be in style, but the big comeback this spring appears to be the long hair style. More and more brides are wearing their hair down, either curly, straight or even in a partial updo style.

Some Examples are shown here.

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